PRM-151G-101:  A Phase 2, Prospective Study of PRM-151 in Subjects with Primary Myelofibrosis (PMF), Post-Polycythemia Vera MF (post-PV MF), Or Post-Essential Thrombocythemia MF (post-ET MF)

Recruitment has ended and screening has closed for our PRM-151G-101 Study. Please view our company website at for future updates on PRM-151. Thank you,

The PROMOTE Clinical Operations Team

​​Locations of Active Clinical Research Sites:

United States, Arizona

Facility:  Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

 Phoenix, Arizona 
 Principal Investigator:  Ruben Mesa, MD
 Contacts:  Megan Altschuler, RN  480-342-6066

                    Chris Reed-Pease  480-342-6068


United States, California

Facility:  Stanford Cancer Institute
 Palo Alto, California 
 Principal Investigator:  Jason Gotlib, MD
 Contacts:  Jason Gotlib, MD  650-725-0744
                   Isabel Reyes  650-725-4047


United States, Georgia

Facility:  Emory University Hospital 

Atlanta, Georgia

 Principal Investigator:  Vamsi Kota, MD

 Contact:  Shannon Gleason  404-778-4334


United States, Maryland

Facility:  University of Maryland Medical Center
 Baltimore, Maryland
 Principal Investigator:  Maria Baer, MD
 Contact:  Sunita Philipp  410-328-8199

United States, Massachusetts

Facility:  Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
 Boston, Massachusetts
 Principal Investigator:  Martha Wadleigh, MD
 Contact:  Matthew Jacobs  617-632-5157

United States, Michigan

Facility:  University of Michigan
 Ann Arbor, Michigan
 Principal Investigator:  Moshe Talpaz, MD
 Contact:  Cancer Answer Line  1-800-865-1125


United States, New York

Facility:  Mount Sinai Medical Center
 New York, New York
 Principal Investigator:  John Mascarenhas, MD
 Contacts:  Marina Stal  212-241-9185

United States, New York

Facility:  Weill Cornell Medical Center

 New York, New York

 Principal Investigator:  Ellen Ritchie, MD

 Contacts:  Ellen Ritchie, MD  646-962-2700
                    Ariella Barel  212-746-2915


                    Spencer Krichevsky  212-746-2389


United States, North Carolina

Facility:  Wake Forest Baptist Health Center

 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

 Principal Investigator:  Dmitriy Berenzon, MD

 Contact:  Jennifer MacLean  336-713-3539


United States, Tennessee

Facility:  Vanderbilt University Medical Center
 Nashville, Tennessee
 Principal Investigator:  Michael Savona, MD  
 Contact:  Clinical Trials Information Program  1-800-811-8480

United States, Texas

Facility:  MD Anderson Cancer Center
 Houston, Texas
 Principal Investigator:  Srdan Verstovsek, MD
 Contacts:  Srdan Verstovsek, MD  713-745-3429
                    Stephanie Van Derbur, RN  713-745-4525

Canada, British Columbia

Facility:  Providence Health Care
 Vancouver, British Columbia
 Principal Investigator:  Lynda Foltz, MD  
 Contacts:  Lynda Foltz, MD  604-684-5794
                    Gail Vicente  604-682-2344 ext.64987


Canada, Ontario

Facility:  The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
 Toronto, Ontario
 Principal Investigator:  Vikas Gupta, MD
 Contacts:  Vikas Gupta, MD  416-946-4521
                    Ellen Church  416-946-4501 ext. 5942

                    Kelly Foley  416-946-4501 ext. 5745



Facility:  Hospital Saint-Louis

 Paris, France

 Principal Investigator:  Jean-Jacques Kiladjian, MD

 Contact:  Yannick Fontaine  003-314-238-5442



Facility: University Medical Center RWTH Aachen

 Aachen, Germany

 Principal Investigator:  Steffen Koschmieder, MD

 Contact:  Christian Hasenbank  0049-241-803-7131



Facility:  Johannes Wesling Academic Medical Center

​ Minden, Germany

 Principal Investigator:  Martin Griesshammer, MD

 Contact:  Vera Kolatzki  0049-571-790-1184



Facility:  Hadassah Medical Center

 Jerusalem, Israel

 Principal Investigator:  David Lavie, MD

 Contact:  Ben-Shmuel Nurit  0097-226-776-687



Facility:  Meir Medical Center

 Kfar Saba, Israel

 Principal Investigator:  Martin Ellis, MD

 Contact:  Neta Shmueli  0097-974-717-709



Facility:  Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo

 Pavia, Italy

 Principal Investigator:  Vittorio Rosti, MD 

 Contact:  Adriana Carolei



Facility:  Marche Nord Hospital

 Pesaro, Italy

 Principal Investigor:  Alessandro Isidori, MD

 Contact:  Federica Loscocco  0039-072-136-4022



Facility:  Radboud University Medical Center

 Nijmegen, Netherlands

 Principal Investigator:  Michel Schaap, MD

 Contact:  Marlies van Hout  024-369-2030



Facility:  Erasmus Medical Center
 Rotterdam, Zuid Holland
 Principal Investigator:  Peter A. W. te Boekhorst, MD
 Contact:  Els P.M. van der Graaf  +31 10 703 2324

United Kingdom

Facility:  Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital
 London, England
 Principal Investigator:  Claire Harrison, MD
 Contact:  Sarah El Farhi